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What is special packaging?

A special packaging pertains to how your ordered prescription medications are packaged based on your preference and specification. Each patient has unique medication demands and when you are taking more than one drug, it is important to have them on time upon doctor’s orders. This is only one instance of how special packaging helps in the convenience of our clients.

Who needs special packaging?

  • Nursing homes
  • Long term care facilities
  • Elder daycare facilities
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Patients who are on maintenance drugs, and many more

What kind of services can I expect?

With New Liberty Pharmacy, you can expect a personalized special packaging plan for each patient. When it comes to packaging medication, regulations are followed diligently to ensure that the potency of the medication is retained.

Packaged drugs can also be delivered to you on a regular basis, whether you need them every week or whatever schedule you need. You are in complete control of how your medication is dispensed and delivered to you.

For questions or inquiries, please call us at 610-437-8800.